Just Keep Pouring arose as a concept in 2008 when I was a Board Member of Rock for Hunger and has evolved since that time. In that role, I worked closely with Chris Goyzueta who served as Executive Director of Rock for Hunger, and with Shanta Stubbs of New Image Youth Center. As with many people, I experienced personal challenges around that time – and everyone around served as inspiration, allowing me to witness great things achieved by children and adults of all ages in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. The key to achieving great things is to bring positive and focused energy with a strong foundation of purpose.

During that time, I came up with the saying, “If the glass doesn’t appear half full, just keep pouring.”  In short, YOU control whether the glass is half full, or half empty. If it doesn’t look half full, pour everything you have into what’s most important to you until the glass is full. Fill that glass. If you have trouble doing it yourself, find someone who has done it before, or who can help align your strengths to something that brings energy and happiness to life, and to those around you.

Just Keep Pouring was founded as a way to inspire others to realize their potential and exceed their expectations, with a focus on mentoring middle school and high school aged children and their parents. Based in Orlando, Florida, Just Keep Pouring is actively developing goal setting and leadership programs for kids everywhere.

Thanks for taking the time to poke around on the site, and Just Keep Pouring!

Brad Mason
Philanthropist, Philosopher, Phather and Phounder
Just Keep Pouring

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