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Just Keep Pouring

While writing our life story every day, it’s important to remember any challenge is temporary and its difficulty is relative – whether that challenge is a test physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Perspective is important. Whatever the challenge, it’s likely not as bad as it seems – whether compared to other challenges you’ve faced (those challenges have passed, haven’t they?) or compared to challenges faced by others. I think about the kids living in poverty with whom I’ve worked – in conditions I hope I, my children or anyone I know, never have to experience – and how those kids approach life with energy and a smile. They don’t show disappointment or frustration. They’re too busy being kids to worry. From those situations, inspiration can be drawn from examples of how people facing difficult challenges with confidence and a smile, because there really shouldn’t be any other option. The challenge is for us to actually THINK as we bring our best energy to what we do every day.

Many of us don’t take time to consider what’s going on around us, and how we can leverage it to rewrite our own destiny. Many get too caught up in the monotony of back-to-back calls, meetings, e-mails and cede control to something that isn’t human.

A few years ago, when confronted with a difficult situation impacting me and my family, I considered all this, and came up with a philosophy on life. If the glass doesn’t appear half full, just keep pouring. You control your perspective on life, and your perspective determines your attitude, your impact on those around you, and your ability to drive yourself where you need to go. Without continual attention to your attitude, outside influences control your direction far more than they should.

On these pages in the coming weeks, you’ll see more and more about innovation, creativity, happiness, parenting, leadership, and life in general. The goal is to inspire ourselves to inspire others, and work hard to raise everyone around us to “above average.”

To that end, it’s important to just keep pouring.