What Comes First – Success or Happiness?

Over the weekend, an article was posted on the Just Keep Pouring page on Facebook about how random, intentional acts of kindness can make kids more popular(http://facebook.com/justkeeppouring, in case you’re looking for it).  In that post, I mentioned there have been unprecedented developments in the area of positive psychology over the past few years. Shawn Achor brings it together in his book The Happiness Advantage, and in the brief and entertaining TED video below. In brief, the old premise – that success creates happiness – has proven to be false. It’s actually the other way around. Studies show consistently that happiness creates success. And while “happiness” may seem a bit squishy in the workplace, it’s important to understand because it has a measurable effect on results. The way to happiness isn’t necessarily with Stuart Smalley-like unfounded daily affirmations (although reminding yourself of your strengths can help in certain situations), but with specific actions such as the ones highlighted in the attached video. What better resolution than to resolve to make ourselves – and the world around us – happier in 2013? Enjoy, and Just Keep Pouring!